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Co.Innovation Consulting helps organizations use collaborative innovation to devise winning strategies and solutions. We serve the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.

Research & Studies

Our research services help you vet and gain support for your initiatives and provide you with the information you need to drive innovation.

Feasibility & Case-For-Support Analysis

Whether for funding or internal decision making, our feasibility studies and case-for-support analyses are tailored to your needs. We employ advanced methods for performing stakeholder, supply and demand, financial, cost-benefit, and risk analyses.

Market Segmentation Studies

Market segmentation studies enable you to identify customer, client, employee, and other stakeholder segments and determine their needs, accessibility and profit potential. Creative segmentation practices often reveal segments that are being under-served or ignored by others.

Design Research

Design research is an umbrella term for a battery of research methods that are used to gain insight into customer needs and to guide subsequent innovation efforts. Journey mapping, jobs-to-be-done analysis, and ethnography are just some of the methods we use.

Strategies & Solutions

By using cutting-edge frameworks, processes and collaboration technology, our workshops and longer-term initiatives enable you to devise innovative strategies and solutions.

Strategic Initiatives

The first step in the strategic initiatives process is to help you establish a set of clearly-defined objectives for your organization. The next step is to devise a strategy for achieving each objective. The final step is to create the action plan for implementing each strategy.

Competitive Strategy

Differentiation, the prime source of competitive advantage, is about being unique in a way that causes customers, funders, employees, and other stakeholders to choose you. We’ll help you devise a compelling answer to the question, “Why should I choose you instead of somebody else?”

Structured Problem Solving

Some problems require critical thinking. Other problems require creative thinking. And many problems require both. Whatever the case, we can help by taking you through a structured problem-solving process that employs sophisticated techniques and tools.

Collaboration & Innovation

Collaboration drives innovation and innovation drives winning strategies and solutions. That’s why we provide you with the venues, services, and technology you need to co-innovate with others.

Collective Impact Initiatives

A collective impact initiative is a collaborative effort by dozens (sometimes hundreds) of actors in the commercial, nonprofit, and government sectors to solve a social problem. We catalyze the initiatives and provide the services required to manage them.

Social Innovation Intiatives

A social innovation is a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just. Like collective impact, social innovations usually arise from inter-sector collaborations. We work to catalyze social innovation initiatives and provide the services needed to support them.

Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of people who are interested in extending a practice or deepening their knowledge of an issue. We can help you design, launch and operate the CoP, including facilitating online discussion forums and brainstorming sessions.