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Innovate to Solve Performance Improvement Problems

Performance improvement problems are everywhere and innovating is a superior way to solve them. Performance improvement is about improving the effectiveness or efficiency of a process or system. Or, to put it differently, it’s about devising ways to do a better job of something. Consider, for example, the performance improvement problems that a hotel executive […]

Customer Experience Management Drives Revenue

Customer experience management (CEM) is about creating value for customers in the form of experiences. A customer experience is a private event consisting of an intellectual or emotional response to one or more of the stimuli generated by a product or service offering. Properly practiced, CEM goes beyond simply creating one or two entertaining experiences—say […]

Innovation: It Matters

Innovation is hot. Perhaps too hot according to the Wall Street Journal’s Leslie Kwoh who declares, “Innovation is in danger of becoming a cliché—if it isn’t one already.” Innovation, she elaborates, was mentioned 33,528 times in last year’s quarterly and annual reports, up 64 percent compared to five years ago. But for all the talk, […]

Your Competitive Strategy Should Drive Your Innovation Strategy

  In a previous post I explained that the innovation process consists of three phases and two conditions. In this post I want to focus on one of those conditions—the condition of having an innovation strategy. Let’s start by asking and answering a two-part question—what’s an innovation strategy and why should you have one? In simplest terms, an innovation […]

Thinking Systematically About Value

In a previous post I explained that innovation is fundamentally about finding ways to deliver superior value. I also explained that value equals the benefits received minus the costs incurred in obtaining the benefits. In short: Value = Benefits – Costs. In this column I will expand on the concept of benefits and describe some ways […]

Innovative Market Segmentation Drives Revenue

  If you want to sell more stuff, segment, segment, and segment again. Explore different ways to segment the customers in your industry (market segmentation). Segment the products and services that are offered (offering segmentation). And Segment the channels used to buy and sell the offerings (channel segmentation). How does segmenting help you sell more […]

Seeing What’s Coming Down the Road

  You think things are changing fast? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Technology is evolving exponentially and major changes are taking place in society, culture, and geo-politics. The combination means that all sorts of new challenges and opportunities are waiting for you just over the horizon.  No matter what sector you play in–commercial, government, or nonprofit—you’re going to need to […]

Employee Idea Systems Enable Innovation

  Employee idea systems are moving from the factory floor to the front desk.  Originally perfected by Toyota—whose employees generate one million implementable ideas per year—employee idea systems are gradually being adopted by the lodging industry. Consider a few examples: Following the installation of a employee idea system, a Clarion Hotel in Sweden implemented nearly 35,000 […]

Innovation Is About Creating Value

People usually equate innovation with creating new products and services, or improving existing ones. More abstract, and useful, is to think of innovation as creating value, for no matter the product or service, the goal of innovating is the same—find ways to deliver superior value to customers. But what, exactly, does ‘value’ mean? And how does one go about creating it? When it comes to innovating, a […]

Living Laboratories Drive Innovation

Living innovation laboratories—or living labs, for short—have joined the arsenal of research methods being used by hotels and hotel brands to study new hotel concepts. For example, consider these hotel living laboratories: Hilton Worldwide maintains a separate wing at the Hilton Garden Inn LAX where the company invites hotel guests to stay in, and provide feedback […]